Virgil Abloh Explains Why Streetwear Is an Art Movement

Posted by Saif Cole on

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 20: The X Issue, prominently featured Virgil Abloh on the cover. Arguably the most important figure in streetwear today, Abloh sat down with us for our DIARIES series to talk more in-depth on the current state of streetwear, comparing it to an art movement where “essentially I’m just an assistant to the people that came before me trying to add to go forward for the next generation.”

The Off-White™ designer and architect says, “more than anything I feel like I’m a descendant of everyone from Kanye West to Pharrell Williams to Basquiat or Warhol,” when asked about he labels himself. In terms of the bigger picture for streetwear, Virgil says he doesn’t want the larger fashion community and ecosystem to view it just as a trend that comes and goes — streetwear as an art movement that inspires other industries hasn’t been realized yet but it has started to show. Most importantly, Abloh says it’s important for him to stay true to himself, wearing Jordans and a T-shirt to the Met Gala and playing Migos at his fashion show.

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