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A video by William Strobeck for Supreme in Milan. 

*starring in order of appearance*

Oski Zota Giuseppe Rodriguez Nik Stain Auguste Bouznad Seven Strong Troy Gipson Rachid Doubiani Rowan Zorilla Aidan Mackey Caleb Barnett Manuel Schenck Mathias Minard Mousstapha Salem Nicolo Giovannoni Ruben Spelta Alessandro Cesario Jacopo Carozzi Tyshawn Jones Ben Kadow Sage Elsesser Julliet Buono Nils Matijas Kevin Rodrigues Luca "real G" Cesareo Giovanni "vest kid" Nena Aurora Steri Beatrice Domond Sammy Tray Greg Cuadrado Vince Palmer (chicken little) Kader Sylla Cecilia Fiorelli Kunle Martins


Additional filming: James Cruickshank Johnny Wilson Brisquit

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