JENKEM - How To Film on a VX1000 Without Tapes

Posted by Saif Cole on

The VX1000 is skateboarding's favorite camera but with the tapes becoming increasingly harder to find, the future is uncertain. Thankfully Erick Carrada and his friends hit us up about their own ingenious workaround: recording straight into a hard drive. You just gotta grab the items below, mount it all together, and film all the footage your heart desires until the end of time.


FS-5 recorder:

Velcro strips:

Firewire cable:


Cable fasteners:

USB A to USB A cable:

NOTE: Be sure to leave a minimum of 1/4 inch of space between the camera and the recorder to avoid overheating the recorder. Host: Mike Pompeo Filmed by: Erick Carrada VX Clips by: Erick Carrada, Darian Valdez, Josh Baldwin Edited by: Alexis Castro

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