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Bigcartel bio
Name: Izael Miranda da Silva
Hometown: Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Age: 31

In the skate game since the age of 13, Izael “Chupin” Miranda is a Brazilian skateboarder and all around sports enthusiast. From the start, skateboarding taught Izael that nothing ever comes easy. Having to overcome difficulties posed by the sport, such as lack of money, parts and even the lack of a suitable living situation. Izael has always pursued improvements and growth in both life and skate. Personal growth, commitment and achievement are only a few of lessons learned and celebrated from the sport. Now, he has kept his positive outlook on daily life and is thankful for what skateboard has gave him - friendship, great friends and the opportunity to travel. He is now focused on numerous goals and does everything to achieve his aim, most important being helping his friends and family as much as possible.

“My dream is to live skateboarding! That is why I cannot stop evolving. My will, dedication and inspiration are due to this” - Izael Miranda


Name: Bryan Arnett
Hometown: Fillmore, CA
Age: 17

Since the age of 10, Bryan has had a strong passion for skateboarding. In his 5 years of skateboarding he has stumbled, come across problems and tough situations, but these problems have thought him lessons that help him beyond skateboarding. He may get frustrated and discouraged, but if there is one thing that skateboarding has taught him; it is to never give up. If a trick does not come clean he tries, tries and tries again until it is landed. Always searching for perfection. Every day he goes out with a positive attitude looking for opportunities to learn and improve his craft. His main goal in skateboarding right now is to keep add to his arsenal of tricks every time he skates.


Name: Ivan Zepeda
Hometown: Fillmore, CA
Age: 17

Ivan was introduced to skateboarding at the age of 6 by his older brother and was immediately hooked. He started riding around and learned a few tricks like kickflip and fs 180, but due to skateboarding being prohibited where he lived at the time, his parents didn't allow him to skate. However, late 8th grade year Ivan managed to get his hands on a new set up and quickly became hooked once again. Skateboarding has taught him that determination and perseverance does pay off in the end. That unexplainable feeling of finally landing a trick after battling it out for hours is what keeps Ivan's motivation.

Bigcartel bio
Name: Brock Kaiser
Hometown: Prineville, OR
Age: 17 

Brock has been skating his entire life, but started taking it seriously around 4 years ago and he hasn’t looked back since. His strengths are hardflips and tre flips. Weakness: late flips.

Bigcartel bio
Name: Brian Sosa
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 17

Introduced to skateboarding at the age of 13, and has kept going since. As soon as Brian stepped on a board he fell in love with it. Nothing made makes him happier than skateboarding. Skateboarding has helped him develop characteristics like grit, patience, and perseverance. Although he’d like to keep skateboarding for as long as possible, He also plans on going to college, and getting a Bachelor’s degree or more.